• Dr. Guillaume Marçais, Project Scientist
  • Dr. Heewook Lee, Lane Fellow
  • Dr. Dan DeBlasio, Lane Fellow
  • Dr. Mingfu Shao, Lane Fellow
  • Brad Solomon, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Tim Wall, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Cong Ma, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Natalie Sauerwald, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Hongyi Xin, CSD Ph.D. student

Former Group Members & Advisees:

  • Dr. Grecia Lapizco-Encinas, Ph.D. in C.S. from Univ. of Maryland, (co-advised with Jim Reggia; first position after graduation: postdoc in Dept. of Computer Science at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)
  • Dr. Saket Navlakha, Ph.D. in C.S. from Univ. of Maryland (defended Oct. 29, 2010; “Algorithms to Explore the Structure and Evolution of Biological Networks“)
  • Dr. Guillaume Marçais, Ph.D. in Applied Math from Univ. of Maryland (co-advised with Jim Yorke; defended July 25, 2011)
  • Dr. Rob Patro, Ph.D. in C.S. from University of Maryland (defended July [Friday-the] 13th, 2012; “Computationally Comparing Biological Networks and Reconstructing their Evolution”)
  • Dr. Emre Sefer, Ph.D. in Computational Biology from CMU.
  • Dr. Geet Duggal, Ph.D. student & postdoc, now at DNAnexus.
  • Dr. Darya Filippova, CPCB Ph.D. student, now at Roche Sequencing Solutions
  • Dr. Hao Wang, CPCB Ph.D. student, now at Roche Sequencing Solutions
  • Dr. Jeremy Bellay, Ph.D. (postdoc)