11% of RECOMB24 Papers Co-authored by Current or Former Kingsford Group Members

Six out of 57 accepted RECOMB24 papers are authored by current or former Kingsford group members. These include 2 papers authored by current Ph.D. students, and 4 authored by former trainees of the group.

  • Improving Hi-C contact matrices using genome graphs. Yihang Shen, Lingge Yu, Yutong Qiu, Tianyu Zhang and Carl Kingsford

  • A Scalable Optimization Algorithm for Solving the Beltway and Turnpike Problems with Uncertain Measurements. Shane Elder, Quang Minh Hoang, Mohsen Ferdosi and Carl Kingsford

  • Inferring allele-specific copy number aberrations and tumor phylogeography using spatially resolved transcriptomics. Cong Ma, Metin Balaban, Clara Liu, Siqi Chen, Li Ding and Ben Raphael

  • Mapping the topography of spatial gene expression with interpretable deep learning. Uthsav Chitra, Brian Arnold, Hirak Sarkar, Cong Ma, Sereno Lopez-Darwin, Kohei Sanno and Ben Raphael

  • Meta-colored compacted de Bruijn graphs. Giulio Ermanno Pibiri, Jason Fan and Robert Patro

  • Accurate Assembly of Circular RNAs with TERRACE. Tasfia Zahin, Qian Shi, Xiaofei Carl Zang and Mingfu Shao

Additionally, five papers, including some of the above, have an author currently affiliated with CMU. The acceptance rate was 16.5%

Carl Kingsford
Herbert A. Simon Professor of Computer Science