Group Members

Current Group Members

  • Dr. Guillaume Marçais, Project Scientist
  • Laura Tung, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Hongyu Zheng, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Yutong Qiu, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Yihang Shen, CPCB Ph.D. student
  • Minh Hoang, CSD Ph.D. student
  • Mohsen Ferdosi (joint with Hosein Mohimani), CPCB Ph.D. student

Previous Group Members

This is an incomplete list, unfortunately. (If you think you should be added let me know!)

  • Dr. Cong Ma, Ph.D. in Computational Biology from CMU (2020), now postdoc at Princeton
  • Dr. Natalie Sauerwald, Ph.D. in Computational Biology from CMU, now postdoc at Flatiron
  • Shawn Baker, Senior Programmer, now at Ocean Genomics, Inc.
  • Yinjie Gao, MS student (2019), now at Tempus
  • Raymond Song, MS student (2019), now Ph.D. student at Purdue
  • Dr. Prashant Pandey, Postdoc, now Postdoc at Berkeley (2019)
  • Dr. Dan DeBlasio, Lane Fellow, now Assistant Professor at UT El Paso (2019)
  • Dr. Heewook Lee, Lane Fellow, now Assistant Professor at ASU (2019)
  • Han Xie, Research Assistant, now a Ph.D. student at Emory (2019)
  • Kwanho Kim, MS student, now at the Broad (2019)
  • Daniel Bork, MS student (2020)
  • Qian Wan, MS student (2015), now at Facebook
  • Dr. Mingfu Shao, Lane Fellow (2018), now Assistant Professor at Penn State
  • Dr. Brad Solomon, Ph.D. in Computational Biology from CMU. Teaching Assistant Professor at UIUC.
  • Dr. Hongyi Xin, Ph.D. in Computer Science from CMU. Assistant Professor at SJTU
  • Dr. Emre Sefer, Ph.D. in Computational Biology from CMU, now Assistant Professor at Ozyegin University, Istanbul Turkey.
  • Dr. Geet Duggal, Ph.D. student & postdoc, now at Director of Engineering at DNAnexus.
  • Dr. Darya Filippova, CPCB Ph.D. student, at BetterOmics.
  • Dr. Hao Wang, CPCB Ph.D. student, now at Gaurdant Health.
  • Dr. Grecia Lapizco-Encinas, Ph.D. in C.S. from Univ. of Maryland (co-advised with Jim Reggia).
  • Dr. Saket Navlakha, Ph.D. in C.S. from Univ. of Maryland; now Associate Professor at CSHL.
  • Dr. Rob Patro, Ph.D. in C.S. from University of Maryland; postdoc at CMU. Now Associate Professor at University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Dr. Jeremy Bellay, Ph.D. (postdoc)
  • Tim Wall, MS student, Senior Data Scientists at Caterpillar